Saturday, May 17, 2014

Time Heals All Things

Time heals all things.  I question the veracity of that statement.  Granted, time gives us perspective and lessens the sting.  Some moments, however, live within us forever.  Not part of our everyday consciousness, but as seemingly random flashes from our subconscious full of familiar joy or pain, as fresh and vivid as ever.

The words, the looks, the tears, the moments of our lives, are striking gifts from the Universe – lessons we were meant to learn in this life and reminders of our soul’s power.  Certainly, it is confusing and even complicated when the past drifts through our todays.  More often than not, we immediately set it aside and choose not to feel it, numbing our true emotions.  But if we never face our emotions, if we never feel or question them months or even years later, we will forever miss our opportunities to unearth clues to our divine purpose.

So we need to ask questions of ourselves.  Why can I still vividly see the look in those eyes?  What is the meaning of that moment?    How has that moment shaped my life?  Did it change for the better?  How can I move forward with greater awareness?

Listen patiently for an answer. It is out there.  We will understand one day.

personal photo on original FOI poster 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Difference Does It Make?

What difference does it make?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist – or even a climate scientist – to figure out the general public and ALL politicians need to WAKE the F UP!  I was thinking, what I need is someone to help me understand the entrenched denial and the do-nothing opposition surrounding the science of climate change.  Magically, it appeared in my Twitterfeed as a Salon interview with Australian psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky who has intensely studied the psychology of denial!

In the paper on conspiracist ideation and worldviews, the authors wrote, “The prominence of conspiracist ideation in science rejection is not unexpected in light of its cognitive attributes.” For one thing, it provides an out for people who don’t like what the consensus says. “If you are faced with agreement among scientists, you have two choices,” Lewandowsky told me. “You either accept that they are on to something or… You think they all conspire to create a hoax for some nefarious reason. There aren’t too many other options, are there?”

“When you look at the history of science denial, there is plenty of evidence that a scientific consensus drives deniers into postulating such a conspiracy — from tobacco to AIDS to climate.”

A second reason conspiracist ideation crops up in resisting science is that it has greater explanatory reach than science, because it’s not constrained by “the criteria of consistency and coherence that characterize scientific reasoning.”

“In the case of climate, this is — humorously — known as the ‘Quantum theory of denial,’” Lewandowsky told me. “Deniers will claim in the same breath (or within a few minutes) that (a) temperatures cannot be measured reliably, (b) there is definitely no warming, (c) the warming isn’t caused by humans, and (d) we are doing ourselves a favor by warming the planet. The four propositions are incoherent because they cannot all be simultaneously true — and yet deniers will utter all those in close succession all the time.”1

Climate change or “just” pollution, we can argue about it until the end of human life on Planet Earth.  But does it really matter?  It is incredibly obvious that something IS happening, whatever the root cause of the increasingly extreme global weather.

Either way, what kind of compassionless soul does not recognize that limiting our carbon emissions is essential for future generations – their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and so on?  How can anyone NOT want their descendants to live in a world with LESS (or at LEAST not more) pollution?  The do-nothing politicians risk the survival of their own blood relatives and, oh, yeah, all humanity.  Your great great-grandchildren will not care about your political dogma if it meant you did nothing or, worse, acted against change.

So if, for whatever reason, climate change is big and scary or non-existent in your world, do SOMETHING anyway, STAND UP to reduce carbon emission levels, urge your politicians to ACT and give future generations a fighting chance.  It matters NOW.  Anything less is beyond deplorable.


public domain image by Janet Ward, NOAA HPCC

Sunday, April 6, 2014

At Home and At Peace

I packed some books today and that can only mean thing – I must be moving again.  Over the years, with each move, I’ve whittled my book collection down to my most treasured along with a few of my father’s treasures.  I miss him dearly.  Representing his most valuable lessons are an Oceanography textbook, Bill Cosby’s Fatherhood which I gave him and an old copy of Origin of the Species – unlimited education, a sense of humor and a great love of science.

Back to moving. Interesting to me that I’ve been trying to think about how I feel regarding moving.  Not really in any place to actually FEEL it and, to be honest, after all the moves I’ve made, not sure I will ever be in a place to feel it until I know for sure that  I never have to move again!  In the meantime, I’ll go with the flow because, basically, I am still strong enough…and I have no other choice.  I am grateful that this past move has been such a positive one for my kids – although they have always been first and foremost in any decision.

The books, though.  What they represent is stability, the cherished bits and pieces of my past.  When they are in my bookcase, I am healed; I am home – my childhood home with books in every corner – and then every place I’ve ever lived.  I imagine that we all have something that speaks the word “home” to us, even if we’ve lived in the same house for much of our lives.

The things that bring you comfort are precious.  So is any moment that you are able to feel at home and at peace.  Don’t ever release the healing power of those symbols…even if you can only hold them in your mind.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The ACA in Real Life

As of this week, I have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  I’ve shared gory details of my situation recently and, as you can imagine, I was also one of the millions of Americans that had no health insurance.

When I was forced out of work, for a year I was covered under COBRA (i.e. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act allows limited continuing coverage of an employee’s group health benefits), virtually the only way to ensure that any pre-existing conditions would be covered on a future plan – prior to the ACA.  An incredible rip-off, actually, since the insurance companies got you coming and going, as it were.  Of course, people had little choice, so it was outrageously expensive.  I can only hope that you have had no experience with paying for COBRA.  Having worked in payroll/HR, I’ve quoted COBRA rates many times and watched guardedly while sticker shock set in.  “I know, I know,” I’d say.  No surprise to me that while receiving unemployment, I could no longer afford to my COBRA coverage, did not qualify for Medicaid and was screwed for life regarding pre-existing conditions.

Back to today, yes, I have health insurance.  Relief from another crushing weight lifted off my shoulders.  Even without “assistance” or any subsidy, the cost is nowhere near the cost of a COBRA policy or any individual insurance I’ve been quoted.  I was able to choose the best plan for my situation – not the cheapest, not the most expensive.  And, as a note, I currently live in a state that is let’s say one of the least supportive regarding the ACA.

So for those of you who are swayed by the long list of talking points, here is one person’s experience – a person some of you actually know…and a story that will not be debunked down the line.  If you have no real experience with it, whatever you have heard from the TV or about a friend of a friend of a friend, please take a moment to find, perhaps, a bit of compassion for the millions of real people – and me – who can now benefit from the Affordable Care Act.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting on 2013!

Reflecting on 2013 and feeling like I have something to say.  We’ll see.  If you’ve read my piece from the other day, you’ll have a bit more gory details about the past few years.  At the same time, the challenges have given me great opportunities.  Hey, I mean, I did start this blog in order to heal.  And while I was reaching for some level of sanity, I had the feeling that if I shared from my heart, I could help others to feel their own strength during their struggles.  That seems to have been true.

What has been most incredible about this year is that I saw glimmers of the old me - a huge deal in that I hadn’t even thought about them enough to realize these pieces were missing.  But sure enough, they reappeared!  And I’ve tried to share bits of my journey with you here and there - words don’t do the feelings justice.  And, in the end, the pieces of me that I rediscovered or how I discovered them are fairly irrelevant to your healing.  More important is the point that, no matter what your situation, the“old you” never really goes away and, although she may be in hiding right now, she is always with you.  You never know if, when or how she will reappear.  Have faith that if she is needed to give you a kick forward along your path, she will be there.

Thank you to those who have made that difference for me!  I wish you all a Happy 2014!

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